Programme Director

Up to £100k inc.



This is an opportunity that will appeal to an accomplished place shaping professional – someone with a good track record of working with different stakeholders and who can translate good intentions into action on the ground.

Highly effective programme management skills will be vital. You’ll lead the programme delivery team which is formed of officers from partner authorities, co-ordinating the different workstreams that make up the programme and reporting regularly on progress to partners and stakeholders. You’ll be able to allocate resources effectively across different initiatives, successfully identifying the right time to move things forward, and investing the necessary time and attention in aspects that require further engagement or review. Getting the right policy and governance frameworks in place, that demonstrate clear progress to partners will be vital to this.

We have a great team in place, so harnessing and enabling the full potential of their contribution will be an important part of your role. It’s important that you can articulate a clarity of direction that people can get behind and then ensure the right balance of autonomy and support so that others can achieve their full potential.

We’re looking for someone with good budget management skills and who can establish a governance framework that ensures accountability, mitigates risk, but does not stifle progress. You’ll need lots of initiative and the ability to work independently – but you won’t work in isolation. We want you to engage with others, draw on their ideas and expertise, and then go and make things happen.

It’s important that you have a convincing and capable appreciation of the strategic planning context that impacts on such a role. It’s not essential that you are a planner, but it is essential that you understand the process of agreeing Local Plans, and their impact on a programme such as this. Experience of working on, and influencing, masterplans is crucial. And with environmental sustainability as one of the key pillars of this programme, you’ll need to show that you are up-to-date with the latest thinking and opportunities that we can embed into what we do.